Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Daily blog

I'm a commuter now. Three or four days a week I'll be on a 50min train to London and back. I've been told that it can be anything from soul destroying to invigorating. I'm hoping it will be the second. I think the key is to use this time to do something I've always felt didn't have time for.

I've never been a blogger. Maybe because I never fully got confident writing in my second language or maybe because I've never found something to write about. I think both those still exist but I now have this this rather specific time to fill. I have aways enjoyed talking about the work Coney makes. When I'm on a panel, teaching, consulting or working with others & I explain what we do or why we approach things the way we do I always gain new insights. The conversational exploration of ideas is what I enjoy most.

Unfortunately I will be commuting on my own. So I've decided to have a little dialogue with an idea, concept or thinker a day. And to only have a small thought exchange with them or explain to myself how they relate to our work an thinking. No essays, just tiny moments of instant reflection.

I hope it will be interesting to myself, hopefully even to others and if nothing else I hope it will make my commute a joy, full of new ideas.

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